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Product shoot for Chocolata

The goal was to make these delicious chocolate looks heavenly.

"Magical" and "Colors of Delight" is my first attempt to make and decorate a sundae, and I am very proud of it till this day.

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Chocolata II- everything chocolateChocolata II- XL L MChocolata II- chocolate platterChocolata II- transparent yummyChocolata II- magicalChocolata II- colors of delightChocolata II- digging inChocolata II- naturallyChocolata II- everything coffeeChocolata II- lovely breakfastChocolata II- thermoChocolata II- thermosChocolata II- crepe 1Chocolata II- crepe 2Chocolata II- ready for loveChocolata II- ready for love 2Chocolata II- fondueChocolata II- chocolate bar 1Chocolata II- chocolate bar 2Chocolata II- made in woodlands