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Product shoot for Chocolata

The goal was to make these delicious chocolate looks heavenly.

"Golden Field" is probably one of my all time favorite photo.

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Chocolata I- golden fieldChocolata I- pyramidChocolata I- broken heartChocolata I- deep insideChocolata I- yummyChocolata I- popcorn bridgeChocolata I- corn fieldChocolata I- balance breakfastChocolata I- melt 1Chocolata I- melt 2Chocolata I- 21 pin 1Chocolata I- 21 pin 2Chocolata I- 21 goodnessChocolata I- castingChocolata I- post castingChocolata i- capuchinoChocolata I- shotsChocolata I- port 1Chocolata I- port 2Chocolata I- chrome