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Carolyn Farb and Durga Maa Statue (Strength, power, protector, morality)Charles Ward, CFKen Knezick, Kristen Jensen (Gypsy Dance Theatre)Sculptor Mark Bradford TricycleJo Lynn Falgout and Greg FalgoutVictor Costa and Jerry Ann CostaDeborah Roylance, David RoylanceDeborah Roylance and David Roylance and CFMarthann Masterson and Mike WeaberBob Nowak, CF, Mauricio Vallejo and Liliana MolinaMauricio Vallejo and Liliana MolinaAndy Cordes, CF, Brian TeichmanSamantha Kennedy and David KennedyDeborah Colton, Bill Colton, artist Yang Jinlong and Angela JiangMarie Myers-Bruns and Christian BrunsBetty Hrncir, John HrncirMeredith Richey and Meredith Loving