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The Bridge over Preston & Smith

A photographic documentation of the installation of the bridge connecting the second floor of the New Houston Ballet Building to the famed Wortham Theater Center.
March 13, 2010

This documentation is commissioned by:
W. S. Bellows Construction Corporation
Bridge-W S Bellows-1Bridge-W S Bellows-2Bridge-W S Bellows-3Bridge-W S Bellows-4Bridge-W S Bellows-5Bridge-W S Bellows-6Bridge-W S Bellows-7Bridge-W S Bellows-8Bridge-W S Bellows-9Bridge-W S Bellows-10Bridge-W S Bellows-11Bridge-W S Bellows-12Bridge-W S Bellows-13Bridge-W S Bellows-14Bridge-W S Bellows-15Bridge-W S Bellows-16Bridge-W S Bellows-17Bridge-W S Bellows-18Bridge-W S Bellows-19Bridge-W S Bellows-20