Slyworks Photography: Blog en-us (C) Slyworks Photography (Slyworks Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:34:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:34:00 GMT Slyworks Photography: Blog 82 120 Bastille Day 2013 July 14, I had the privilege to help document the Bastille Day celebration at the MFAH for the Consulat Général de France à Houston.

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Photographs: San Jacinto College-Science Building Interiors I Recently, Elyssa arranged me to work with a group of just wonderful people to make some images at San Jacinto College at Pasadena, TX.

Speaking with Dr. Cartwright almost made me put down my cameras and enrolling in her class.  She inspired me to want to become a scientist one day, and perhaps I can make a difference just like she is with her students.  Working with Robert, Silvia and Sathia was just great.  Picking their brain and seeing new shapes and spaces just take this job to another level.

And here are 3 interior shots of the Science Building at San Jacinto College, 113,000-square-foot LEED-Certified building.  These are not images that show off the masculinity of the space but the softer side.  I will post another 3 shots to show off the design when I am done with them... soon.

This building wss designed by Bay-IBI Group Architects-Houston and constructed by SpawGlass.  If there's a laymen way to describe this building it will be, "this building makes you feel prouder when you approach it, and definitely feel smarter when you enter it" :)

In this image I hid Robert the architect in plain sight.  Placing him there make this static image a little more...  balancely-imbalance.

Dr. Cartwight inspiring her class.  On the internet, her students collectively gave her a rating of 4.8 out of 5!

Mr. Gilmore explaining the human anatomy, complete with his meticulously made bow tie.  This shot took about 20 min to create.  Something was just not right for a while until finally I removed the orange jacket that the lady in grey was wearing.  And Eureka!  Thanks guys.

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A stroll in the desert Last week, on an out of town assignment, an open day suddenly came up.  Since I am not a gambling man, I got a rental car, a dozen bottles of Arrowhead sparkling water, two box of Clif Crunch, a thick jacket and my photographic gears, got out of the city straight to the Nevada desert.  Did you see what I forgot there?  A simple bottle of sunblock, yup remember that would have been nice...

It was quite a cold late fall day, and it makes a very nice hike.  The only other problem that I had, other than forgetting the sunblock is that the car I rented just does not give me any confidence off road.

Here are a few images from the little 6 hours shotgun hikes and photographying.

This shot was made near the Red Rock Canyon.  This mountain range just goes on and on, growing out from the desert.

I do not know the name of this peak (there are several of them).  I made this image at almost 8000 ft somewhere at Mount Charleston.

Walking in the desert while getting thorns in my pants and fingers, I was taken by this view with this field of Joshua trees topping off with the sun ready to set.  I recorded this a couple hundred yards along Lee Canyon Rd.

I would have stayed deep into the night for the Milky Way in the desert, but like I previously mentioned, my rental car did not give me that confidence.  There are lights on the dashboard that should not be there...  also, I met aand chatted with a couple of hunters looking for deers.  I am from Texas, I know better.

Got back to civilization far away from the crosshairs.


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I don't always do weddings, but when I do... Last weekend, my friend Katie and Daniel decided to spend their life together forever.  The ceremony was held at a beautiful historical site Varner-Hogg Plantation.  So I assembled my trusted "Team A".  Colin, Alan (and Corvin who is not here this time) and I had been through almost everything together.  A simple visual gesture of a finger will get a task done from across the field.

Well, these are 5 photographs from Katie and Daniel's special day.

Since it was an open field, Katie's father Dan built a special portable screen to escort his daughter across the green.

Bubble floating in the air as the new couple marched down the aisle.

Wedding party.

Across the meadow.

And the long party under the milky way, West Columbia.

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Photographs: Lamar CISD - Satellite Transportation Center Hours under the enormous windy Texas sky.  Searching and finding the concepts that Daniel had previously described to me.  An industrial building, this new building designed by RdlR Architecture, the Lamar CISD Satellite Transportation Center read as a complex play of geometry on the soft prairie.  She does not fight to get the attention against the land but fit into the scape.

Lamar CISD Satellite Trasportation Center The forms of this building are set to be functions first... It is an industrial building after all.  The slope of the roof and overhang protrude far to the southwest, to fend off the sun, just enough for the low softer light to flood the interiors.

Lamar CISD Satellite Transportation Center Lamar CISD Satellite Transportation Center















The sensitivity of this RdlR design goes beyond the human level and goes to the roof plane as well.  Her roof shape again comes from functional flow but ending sharing the dynamic shapes of the overall plan and elevations.  Tied neatly in unison.

Lamar CISD Satellite Transportation Center

The scale of the building are closely related to the height of a human, and also the relationship of the view to monitor the passing school buses.  Clearing the sight to the whole of the vehicles and all the decals.  The attention to details can be seen down to the little touch at the mail room, to capture the sun... like a LCD screen showing the "active" shelves on the other side.

Lamar CISD Satellite Transportation Center Lamar CISD Satellite Transportation Center


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Entry Level Nikon and Canon on sale Something interesting on the market.

(and no, I do not make any profit from you buying from B&H.  This is just my public service)

The entry level cameras from Nikon and Canon, INCLUDING their kit zoom lens are both less than $499 bucks!!

For limited time of course.  I think the rebates end on 29 Setember 2012.

So if you are ready to ditch your Point and Shoot, and upgrade from Intagram.  You have a chance to get these entry level puppies for less than a mid level compact.

Quality between the two?  They are preeeettttty good.  About the same built, same image quality and almost the same level lens.

So happy shopping, remember... only a few days left and KEEP THE ECONOMY GOING!!!

I usually buy my stuff at The Houston Camera Exchange (I usually get my stuffs from two people, Johny and Kwan drop my name and see if they will drop a freebie cleaning cloth or two :) ) and online I like B&H (Free Shipping and probably no sales-tax if you are not in NY) and sometimes Adorama (because they both have amazing customer service and product returning systems)

Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR camera with 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 AF-s DX VR Nikkor Zoom Lens


Nikon D3100 Kit















And to confuse you more:

1. Nikon D3100 has 1080 video recording while Canon T3 has 720 video recording.  None have earphone jack.

2. Nikon D3100 has 14.2MP CMOS sensor and Canon T3 has 12.2MP CMOS sensor.  Not much of a different between 14.2 and 12.2 image quality wise.

3. Both kit zoom lens have the same range 18-55mm f 3.5-5.6 and they both has Optical Image Stabilizing (VR and IS are the same animals)

And here's Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital Camera and 18-55mm IS II Lens kit  $479.00Canon T3 Kit
















To get full specs please go the icons bellow.

Again, happy shopping or browsing, and keep the economy going.


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Profile: Eric Grossman Whenever I have a photo session in the swamps, forests, mountain... the wilderness, any season, any country, I press my speed dial to Mr. Eric Grossman (whenever Lana is gracious enough to lend him to me of course).  If there's an analogy in the animal kingdom of a photographer, Eric would be a wolverine.  Ready with his gears at a drop of the pin to take on another difficult or impossible photoshoot.

(He is the buddy that went with me to photograph the Space Shuttle Endeavor at Ellington Field)

Let me share some of his images with you.

Leopard Cub by Eric Grossman He usually carries 3 bodies.

1. Canon 1D Mark IV mounted with a Canon 500mm f4 L IS USM + 1.4x mkIII on a carbon fiber Gitzo with a Wimberley head

2. Canon 1D Mark IV mounted with a Canon 300mm f2.8 L IS USM on a shoulder sling.

3. Canon 1D Mark III mounted with a Canon 16-35mm f2.8 L in a Gura Gear backpack.

Fox Winter Hunt at Yellowstone - Eric Grossman

My philosophy is going as light as possible, on contrary Eric wanted to be sure he got every shot he point his glasses, at any cost, at any weight!  So he always hurl "a bus "with him.

He love his Gitzo Tripod, and the Wimberley head, while I swear by my Made in the USA Really Right Stuff Tripod and the Feisol U-mount.  We still have argument from time to time, but never, ever over lunch or dinner.

Snowy Owl Canada - Eric Grossman Wildlife and Raptors are his specialty.  This image above that he made in northern Canada last winter is of my all time favorite.

Thanks buddy for the fun,  and cheers for many more to come!!

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Karen Arzamendi @ Plastic Fantastic Catherine D. Anspon of Papercity Magazine curated a wonderful art exhibition titled Plastic Fantastic, at Deborah Colton Gallery.  An exhibition inspired by plastic pioneer Dr. Harry D. Anspon, Catherine's father.  Dr. Anspon has 150 patents under his belt for his research in plastic.  A short series of interview of Dr. Anspon's fantastic experience can be seen HERE.

Plastic Fantastic featuring artists work in plastic medium across the spectrum.  A reception for artists and scientist was held on September 8, 2012.

Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston

Visitor at Karen Karen


These images were made to spotlight Karen Arzamendi, one of the principal artists in this exhibition.

Her exhibit showcase "a translucent house formed from quilted plastic zipper bags, containing discarded or salvaged moments from everyday life, mostly featuring a plethora of plastic belongings. In dialogue with the cottage-sized house (with a door for the viewer to enter), this sculptor will create a site-specific timeline on the surrounding walls of the main gallery, documenting via found and treasured plastic objects, a modern book of hours referencing the moments of the day, and the cycle of months and years." (Media Release - Deborah Colton Gallery 2012)

The cottage-sized house illustrate a physical form from the "house dream's" that Karen had over the years.  This physical form now represent the self, of present and time past.

It was wonderful to work with you, Karen and Mike.

Cheers from Houston!

Mike and Karen Arzamendi

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Booksigning - HJ Bott: Rhythm and Rhetoric - 40 Years of the DoV Sept 20, 2012

River Oaks Bookstore Houston, TX.  Casey Stranahan the author and HJ Bott, of HJ Bott: Rhythm and Rhetoric - 40 Years of the DoV Concepts were present to sign the very limited collector's edition at the River Oaks Bookstore.  HJ discovered the DoV 40 years ago and have been devoting his life painting and sculpturing this idea ever since.  This book marked the first mass unveiling of what DoV really is all about.  Illustrated in vivid color are the paintings, the sculptures and the functional robots (really, see page 47-49) that came to fruit from this idea.

This is the cognitive adventure of the last 40 years of modernist HJ Bott.  A Fascinating book and definitely collectable... and my photographs graced the front and the back of the covers :)

Oh yes, if you would like to see a short YouTube interview of HJB about his 1988 sculpture, Canticle for POP! (see page 61), a piece made entirely out of bubblegum, please go HERE.

To the beautiful Casey, to the relentless HJB, to Dee Dee the wise... cheers!Casey Stranahan and HJ Bott "Casey Stranahan provided the text along with Jim Edwards, Kelly Klaasmeyer, and Catherine Anspon and review quotes from many others as well as the photographs of many photographers. I'm very proud of "Rhythm and Rhetoric" (named by Anya Tish and Anne Simpson) with the graphic design by Robin Lazarus and orchestrated by my wife, Margaret (Dee Dee) Bott, printed in Houston, TX, USA by Masterpiece Litho, Inc on recycled paper." - HJ BottRoar Shock Well

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Farewell Endeavour from Ellington Field Sept 19, 2012

Ellington Field, Texas

Eric Grossman, my kids and I decided to brave the expected traffic, the crowd and the sun, to see the Space shuttle Endeavour transiting at the Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base.

The expected traffic, the crowd and the sun were there to greet us... so did the unexpected closure of the Exit to Ellington Field.

The space shuttle was parked next to rolls of Apache Helicopters belong to the Texas Air National Guard and a couple Coast Guard's Dolphines.  There were a lot of people there to say farewell to the very tired Space shuttle Endeavour piggyback on top of a modified 747.

We spent about 3 hours there making some images and just stare at this amazing machine.  This was nice to have this moment to savor the closing of a significant chapter in space history.

Endeavour on top a 747 Space Shuttle Endeavour Missions Farewell

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Space shuttle Endeavour piggyback over Houston This morning the Nasa's Space shuttle Endeavour piggyback atop a modified Boeing 747 flew over Downtown Houston.  The only way to frame the historical shuttle the shuttle was to photograph it against the morning sun.  It's majestic pass by lasted only about 10 seconds.  This is what I got...

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Still-Life: Art4Life Art4Life is a blind juried art auction featuring the works of locally, nationally, and internationally acclaimed artists, benefiting AIDS Foundation Houston.  Join co-chairs, Troy Campa & Rene Ibarra and Julie Koch & Richard Humphreys.

This set featuring over 60 artworks, all for good cause.

A YouTube preview of the art from the auction can be seen HERE.

If you are interested, you can get the tickets HERE.

Here are two stills from the set.

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Ray Smith For the Border Paintings exhibition by the artists G.T. Pellizzi and Ray Smith at PEVETO-a fine art resource management company, Scott wanted a set of images that illustrate the two men.

Border Paintings " a record of place and memory,which pays homage to the land and peoples
of the South Texas and Northern Mexico border.  Made on the historic Yturria Ranch, the paintings
are imprints of the land that unites these two intertwined cultures." - Scott Peveto

Here is an article by Shelby Hodge at Culture Map

This is Ray...  peeking out from a historical wood piece of his art...  This IS Ray.


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